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When it comes to the most trust brand in loading ramps, Oxlite Manufacturing is second to none. For nearly 30 years, Oxlite has produced high quality loading ramps for every type of lifestyle. From motorcycle loading ramps to farming and automotive, our aluminum loading ramps are durable, dependable and built to last.

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Let me begin by saying that the people at Oxlite are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to business with. I had an issue with the ramp I purchased, (actually I received it as a birthday gift.)(I have a really nice family). I contacted Ginger at Oxlite, and told her about it. She told me to take a picture of the problem and upload it to her. In less than an hour she resolved the problem and said she was shipping me a replacement ramp. Robyn, another very nice person, was in charge of shipping. She kept me informed via e-mail each step of the way, and provided a call tag for returning the original ramp. I can’t say enough about the outstanding customer service. Something that, sadly, doesn’t exist too much anymore. Now about the ramp: It is the Dresser model. Excellent quality, fit and finish. Extremely sturdy; one feels very confident and secure using it, even loading a 1000 pound motorcycle.(once you get over the initial fear of actually doing it.). I highly recommend the Oxlite ramp systems, a highest quality product, made in the USA, by people who really care. Ken Wassmouth

Ken Wassmouth

Tradition, high quality, trusted performance, and American made are a few words used to describe Oxlite ramps over the years.     Our classic Oxlite ramp styles molded the powersports and lawn and garden industries with bi-folds and tri-folds, custom made hinges, heavy duty tubing,  and serrated cross bars for tire gripping.  Since 1989, Oxlite has been dedicated to building the highest quality ramps in the world and our brand has represented that fact for over a decade. Our company has a proud history of building reliable, hand-crafted,  American made ramps that stand the test of time.

Oxlite’s loading ramps come in a variety of different sizes and styles, specifically designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. When you think of high quality loading ramps, Oxlite Manufacturing is a leader in the industry.  We are known for producing the “Cadillac” of ramps.  Our ramps are the  strongest and the safest and well, quite frankly, they look like it too.   They are impressive.   We have sold many many ramps over the years simply because someone bought one and his buddy had to have one too when he saw it.  There are many folks out there who will NOT use anything but the Oxlite brand because they understand the importancy  of “reliability” when it comes to loading ramps.

Loading Ramps For All Lifestyles

Motorcycle Ramps, Automotive Ramps, ATV Ramps And More!

At Oxlite, we have loading ramps for every lifestyle and situation. We even started producing aluminum gates also. Our experienced manufacturing team

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Additionally, our family of ramps are welded top to bottom to increase lateral strength. The aluminum alloys in the bars and rods we use are not visible and unless you look closely, you might not catch the fact that we don’t double weld tubing pieces together to get strength. It’s built into the material we use.   It is very hard for the average person to see at times unless you know what to look for.  So we suggest that you look closely when you are shopping for your next ramp. Pick the ramp up.  Handle it.  Turn it upside down.  Look down inside the tubing from the bottom.  Look at the tubing thickness.  From an engineering standpoint, that thickness makes a big difference because THAT is the base strength of the entire ramp, head to toe.  Not all ramps are created equal, even if they may seem to be at first glance.

And of course there are other ramps where the quality differences are obvious.  Bolts and screws will ultimately tear through the aluminum.  It’s simply a matter of time and an accident waiting to happen.  You will have to replace it at the very least down the road.  Do the math on that one.

Oxlite has a wide range of ramps to choose from.  In fact, we have 80 plus and counting.  Contact us today to learn more or click SHOP above to browse our family of loading ramps. If you ever have any questions about Oxlite ramps, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 1-800-256-2408